Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heres the deal, who's seen Beast Master? Remember the part when the guy has the small child above his head and he has that weird eye make-up on? He then throws that child down into a burning pyre as a sacrifice to some unnamed god, funny thing is he doesn't even realize that he has a God walking around among his people. Fucking Beastmaster can talk to animals, really, shy of creating all things matter, this is a pretty big deal! Its like in Ghostbusters, at the end, before the State Puff Marshmallow man materializes out of no where and sweetens the deal for New Yorkers. Zoul asks Raymond Stance (Dan Akroyd) if he is a God, Ray says "No," this in turn prompts Zoul to shock the entire Ghoustbusters team with pink lightning from her/its fingers. Ok if you have stuck with me so far I am about to get to the point. Bill Murray then says "Ray, the next time any one asks you if you are a god, you say Yes." This is my point, here at Eddy Merkin we are committed to being in it to win it. I am sorry guys but you know tonight I spent a little bit of time looking around at some of Oregon's more prolific bicycle bloggers and I have to say Eddy Merkin probably out parties all of them. Combined. Thing is we are a little behind on posting awesome shit because it appears we are too busy living the dream. I am here to share a little bit of that dream and to start out I want to expose each and every one of you to something that just might make you wet your pants. If you don't laugh don't worry, erase this site from your bookmarks and make plans to spend the majority of your free time watching milk curdle.

This will make you pee your pants.

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