Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Reminds Me AKA RIP Stumpy

This photo is fucking epic and reminds me... What ever happened to Sunday Funday? I think we need to bring it back. Many of you didn't experience the freedom of Sunday Funday, but lets recap. Sunday Funday day 1: Kyle, George and I get drunk while watching Fubar. We proceed to the Nest for whiskies while ghost riding Kyles bike down Alberta. After Whiskeys we go to the Don Pancho for some fucking delicious Dillas (still ghostriding the whip) and proceeded to head back to my house on the way back we hit a telephone pole with the Kyles bike and bend the fork. Shortly afterward I blacked out(at about 9PM). The next day George admitted that he puked 5 times at work on Monday. Sunday funday 2-4 : consecutive Sundays of blacking out and starting the week like it should be, feeling like shit. Sunday Funday ended because as George put it "Sunday Funday has to end I've thrown up for the last 4 Mondays at work" So there we have it. All good things must come to and end. RIP Sunday (one of those frowny face emoticon bullshit things here)

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