Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team Mascots and Eddy Merkin Heros

Check out this little ball of hate. Who would name this thing the Honey Badger, I think this little living nightmare deserves something better than that, how about the rage-monger or The Devils Cock. Maybe the guy was thinking "lets name this son of a bitch something sweet so that people will get close enough for it to rip their eyeballs out." You have seen the video, name another video were the highlights include hunting cobras in the tops of trees.

If you come to this little number through the medium of youtube its hard not to notice the tag for worlds highest dive

When the camera pans up to the platform he is going to dive from it feels like you are watching a show on the worlds first space elevator. Oh yeah and then he tricks it, not only tricks it but does the most difficult trick of the day, and just to spice it up a bit he ties the worlds record. Beer Shotgun'd!

By the this little race is happening now, no big deal just face melting speeds over an inhospitable landscape. Awesome.

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