Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baja Merkin

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First night camping spot overlooking Banda a small town on the tip of the peninsula south of Ensenada in Baja Mexico. Definately won camping spot with the best view.
Lets face it ladies sex sells.
That my friends is a metal fence panel from Home Depot that when installed to the roof of a van with u-bolts becomes the sweetest 7'8"x4'6" deck/safari rack ever. Verg's safari rack total $140 including craigslist yakima rack. Commercial safari rack atleast $500. Just a big fuck you to capitalism. The lady at Home Depot looked at Friesz and I and asked what we were doing with it so we told her. I don't think she believed us untill she checked on our progress in the parking lot 15 minutes later.
Salvation Mountain in Slab City, CA near the Salton Sea. Basically a huge mound of adobe and acrylic paint that has been constantly updated for about 25 years. It was fucking dope.

Concert out in the desert at Slab City using generators. Kinda like an open mike but with less hippies and BYOB. YES.

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