Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Daze

Right so this is a little late. Its not like this would be the first time. I wanted to get some pictures and share a little story time about Ethan Landon James and I's trip to the greater Hood River area last memorial day. Ethan kept calling people out, Landon kept crushing gravity in one direction while James kept crushing it in the other, I pretty much did my best impression of a C average. You have to say a trip is going to kick ass when you have a team uniform and your didn't even try.

It was then on to some of this

and this

and this

Despite outwards appearances we tried to keep this from becoming a complete sausage fest but in the end...

So we also killed it with the tank tops

From this point we rode up the Dog River trail, despite the guffgaws of shuttlers at the bottom of the trail, which was a dead give away to the amount of uphilling suck that was about to take place, we marched forth. Well maybe Landon marched forth while the rest of kind of just didn't want to disappoint him. I have to say that this was the hardest ride I have done all year. At one point the hamstring and thigh of my left leg cramped. This sucks because at that point you are screwed out of stretching. Rock-Hard place so you just sit there in agony until it goes away, oh this was after we had to back track a mile and a half. Lucky for me my friends were well and gone up the trail. Surveyors ridge was bad ass, awesome views of a cloud covered Mt. Hood. Here we are at one of the many, "I hope to god this is the top" points

Towards the end of the descent back to the valley floor you have to navigate a series of really really tight and steep switchbacks. Holy Shit steep switch backs. Well at least for Ethan, Landon, and I. James was going something like

Yeah it was a lot of that all weekend.
We did shoot the bb gun

So we left on Sunday and thanks to our nations hang up with God the majority of the liquor stores are closed in Portland, and we didn't have time to trek across town to one of these rare heathen establishments. We bought beer in Hood River but we failed to account the degree of the thirst we would have and the teener died before we were properly buzzed.
The next morning we set out for Hospital Hill. AWESOME! The slope was steep and the cattle trail narrow, setting the stage for pedal clipping and fear. In and Out of Oak trees and meadows we made our way up. Seemed some much easier than the day before. Everyone was crushing but again Landon was crushing the most. At the top we devoured the bagel sandwich lunches and took in the view

The descent was bad ass. Ethan was killing it before yard sailing in a rock garden. Ethan is tall and it is a long way down when he comes off the bike. Lucky for us he is also not a pussy so after straightening his bars we got on with straightening the curves. In the end we had to cap the day with a little swim and some beers. Thar decided to toss a couple down, this basically sent James swimming into the weeds. Landon and I really thought James was the better swimmer so we let him test that warm water for us. Also I don't know if you can tell from this picture but we are beefcakes. Ethan took these photos which is too bad because that dude looks like he has been drinking a protein shake ever morning since the beginning of his life. His Mother was probably shooting bull testostarone into his nipples, fucking savage.

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