Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update on new shit, old shit and bull shit

I've been a few places since seeing you all in Portland. Breckenridge, Keystone, Sol Vista, Ft Collins, Boulder. What I figured out is that the world needs us. There is way to much pussy bullshit, people and places for us to give up now. We have to yell louder, laugh at people, bum people out, piss people off, tag more shit, and in general show people what being awesome is about. Fuck everything that they think, its about what we think. Read this and go and destroy the fucking world. This sums up my life.
Fuck Yeah

Re-built my fork in a hotel bathroom in Dillon, CO.
I lost my knee pads in Keystone. I rode anyways. I ate shit going about as fast as I have ever gone on trail. It was one of those get up and start grunting just to deal with the pain. This doesn't show rashed up wrist, forearm, elbow and a couple good scrapes on my side. The bullshit thing is I had pinned the trail the day before 10 minutes top to bottom no mistakes.
"Dirt Tan" result of loving working in gravel parking lots for days on end
Well fuck if I ain't tryin'
Dave from Mafia Racing sweet whip
Dave from Mafia Racing sweet whip winning
End result of MTB national championships in Sol Vista, CO

NOW GO AND FUCK SHIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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