Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekly update July28th- October 5th

My newest weekly update covers about 9 weeks. Why, because I'm as lazy as the rest of you fucktards. I've been quite a few places in the last two months or so; Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, Montana, Oregon, Nevada so enjoy. For George, Dorothy, Conner and anyone else that knows how amazing the Slumdowner is.
Seems legit.

Rode some tight single track in Indiana. I bet you didn't think Indiana had mountain biking because it didn't have mountains. Wrong. Sweet, buff, tight, swoopy single track that you won't ever ride.
Guess which one is supposed to be Eddy Merkin.
Found freedom in Utah
Bought us this sweet shuttle rig, even came with a bike rack.

Wyndham world cup 4x. I was here you weren't.
Stopped by the shop I used to work at in MT. This tag is on a fixie. Good to see they haven't lost their sense of humor.
EDDY MERKIN WINS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spent a few days in Montana. Got drunk and chilled on Flathead Lake. Calmer than you are.
Slept in my van in Bel Air didn't see the fresh prince, but did see this flooded street. All the fags in Beamers and Benzos drove around the water not me.
My van found a twin in the Shimano parking lot. OK maybe not a twin, more like a better looking, more reliable, less sketchy younger sibling. You know like the sibling that your parents point out is in grad school has a real job and a house while your van dropped out of college and is technically homeless. Yeah kinda like that.

Other stuff: threw up in Vegas, blacked out in and around the Double down, went to interbike, went to a race at Northstar.

Now I'm back to being mostly stuck in the shit hole that is Southern California. I had a bullet proof plan to be in So Cal for no more than about 5 days at a time until January. Apparently it is about as bullet proof as a sack of shit. I'm stuck here for a large chunk of October. So make sure to update this turd of a blog to keep me sane.

That's about it hopefully you now know that if you aren't in with Eddy Merkin you might as well bite a bullet cause your life sucks.

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