Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bike Fixing Music

There was a tradition that Thar, Darkness and I had in the 18th st Tavern and Omaha Saloon. Whenever we worked on bikes we listened to Charlie Daniels, it was required. There were many nights gone to 40's wrenches and Charlie Daniels music. To keep those memories alive I'm starting Cuntry Wednesday's. Come back every Wednesday (or at least until I give up on it like everything else in my life) for some sweet sounds of Americana. First off we have of course Charlie Daniels Band. It was hard to find a real CDB music video so I chose the following edit that is nothing short of amazing

Moments of Note: 1:45, 2:08 @2:35 they kick the fire in a barrel in the teeth, 2:50, 3:15, 3:34