Friday, July 8, 2011

Challenge... Again

I'm pretty sure this blog was started for 3 reasons 1. Fun 2. None of us actually have the motivation, creativity etc to make a "real" website and 3. some of the overachievers in our group (there are very few and they are usually marry in) don't have time to read through our shitty google group's shitty emails to see eye raping you tube videos, and also some of them have real jobs where eye raping you tube videos are NSF (that means not safe for work, which means that the person is so busy at work not watching sweet videos that they have to abbreviate words like nsf so they can have more time to suck at work, WTF?). Anyways basically this is a call out to all the people that have access to this blog (no not you and no you can't have access because you suck) and are not posting. I want everyone with access to post one thing no matter how shitty. I start with this.

This is called Cowboy Poker. Last man sitting wins.

This is also awesome, but I disagree with the last statement.