Friday, October 28, 2011


I meant that both in reference to the decomposed mix of organic and inorganic material that pads our bike tires an gets smashed into our torn skin as well as the magazine. If you haven't seen DIRT magazine you suck and I'm not sure who let you know about this website, but they should be kicked in the balls. Here is a bunch of shit I ripped of their website today. It's fucking solid and proves you don't have to me Amerkin to kick ass, but it sure helps.

Pumpkin Deathstar. Almost as cool as the pumpkin in the post below.

I think this is the same guy that did the Christmas Reign in Blood video. Oh you didn't see that one. Well get your act together and check this pile of shit blog more often. I know it won't interfere with your "life", you don't have one.
Exhibit A: You're reading this blog so you can't have real things to do aka life
Exhibit B: You're reading this blog, so you must be friends with one of us, so you must not be successful aka have a life

This is a Kashima coated condom, if you're not familiar with Kashima it's the gold shit Fox puts on their fork stanchion to make them buttery smooth so the bumps don't feel so bumpy. Basically it makes your fork feel better, so if it makes you bike ride better just imagine the improvements that can be made in the way your mom rides.

Happy Haloween. Get drunk, scare some kids and try to hook up with a Slutty (insert costume here) this weekend!