Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Any of you people who read this should know of the Dude Barn it's basically the same thing as Eddy Merkin but for skateboarding. Not only do they party really fucking hard, but they're also really creative. Check out the videos below, then after you're done check out the Dude Barn site cause it's awesome then every week from now on return to the Dude Barn site and be reminded why America is Great.

This is Danny aka Stankin Rankin of cat shit records fame who did the Scraps the cat video I posted a bit ago. The video is his new jam about the world of online dating. Apparently Ok Cupid is a legit dating site where people go to slam check it out. Danny also owns and runs Affordable Beds a sweet bed shop in Northeast Portland. If you like sleeping, partying, drinking, skateboarding, biking or anything else awesome and need a bed go to affordable beds and tell Danny Verg sent you.

This other one is a Dude Barn rap project with Danny from above video and Brandon also from the Dude Barn.

Yep legit as fuck!