Saturday, March 31, 2012


5S is management/organizational process Toyota implemented to organize and clean their work areas to increase efficiency (profits).
Disclaimer: I don't hate Toyota, because they make vehicles can do this.

It originally was in Japanese and all 5 processes started with an S. Of course we as Americans just took the Japanese words and replaced them with English words so here it is (sort, shine, standardize, sustain and one other one I cant remember it might be sucks, I'm not sure) So yesterday I too had to 5S some shit, because it seems that it is more important to 5S stuff than to actually do my job. Here is one of the photos of the results.

To quote my co-worker "that's the most smart ass thing I've seen since I taped a full page hotel receipt to another sheet of paper to send in to accounting."

I'm not bitter about the 5s thing I'm just confused why large companies have to implement massive processes that are just a way to dumb down a job and make sure that a minimally qualified 12 year old can do the job. I like to think I'm as smart as a minimally qualified 14 year old.

Hope your weekend doesn't suck as much as my Friday did. I'm going to BMX Supercross now.