Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whats important is to have clarity of vision

Those of us who have been "involved" with the cultural phenomenon that is the Eddy Merkin Bicycle and Drinking Social Club for an Increasingly Vague Tomorrow know that one thing we have always been about is clarity of vision. We started this thing with crystal clear minds and laser like focus, and as you can see from the past amalgam of cultural treasures it would be a cold day in the hottest of hells that we would break from our orginal vision.

One thing that has helped? An annual catch phrase, something we can use when we sign our emails to each other and randomly send out text messages. Those of you who know, know that in 2010 we used the seminal "no mercy" and in that year we showed none. After the carnage laid by that unfiltered onslaught, 2011's slogan was meant as a meeting call, something to assuage our fury and so we used "I trust you" and the sacred hoop went unbroken.

Now, we find ourselves months into the new year, drifting amid an ocean of middling intoxication and half assed shred trips. What to say, whisper, spray paint, maybe turn into a sticker? I have a suggestion. 2012 Eddy Merkin "Lace the Pipe" that's right, This year we party.