Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fuck Off

The 3rd annual Eddy Merkin, Bowl off, Drink off, Fuck off was held at Monterrey Lanes on the Last day of Sea Otter. Beers were drunk, shit was broke and everyone that was there had more fun than you did in the whole month of April, moral of the story we rule you suck. A picture is worth a thousand words, but these fuckers are worth 1,000,000 virgin sacrifices. Thanks to Dylan Van/Von whatever for the photos they're legit as fuck. Just remember you could have been there but I bet you were busy losing. The thing to remember out of all of this is when Eddy Merkin throws a party you need to get the fuck there. Also remember that these are in no way in chronological order because I can't remember some of the night. Enjoy.
I made stickers if you didn't get any you still suck.
Lars with a new technique
And 5 pints on the landing

Lars and Eric combining forces for the wheel barrel technique.
Artistic shot courtesey of Dylan V
The dude in the hat came over to tell us or bowling tab was over $125 as a way to get us to leave.  Tyler only responded with cool keep it open and the dude was totally deflated.
Team work!
2 people 4 balls and it's not gay!
Obvious win!
Notice Lars' technique the ball is in mid flight off the "ramp" which was actually one of those bowling ramp guide things that helps kids, or as I like to call them pussies, to bowl and he got a strike.  Was that a run on sentence you're asking yourself, better ask yourself how that loan is doing college boy.
Crossing balls from one lane to the next.  In ghost busters crossing streams is bad in bowling it's really fucking fun.
Acting cool under fire is key.
Yes everything was actually this fucking funny
Please do loft balls
Mexican bowling alley stand off!
.. and it's stilllll fucking funny.
Cocoa with perfect technique apparently he was missing the point.
The man who took all the photos and who is an all around bad ass.