Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ah the 36er.

There are those who are content to stay with what works, spinning small futile wheels in the deep recess of a wet forest, happy to have tight corners and technical obstacles. These naive souls don't question, and while those with plebeian minds continue to struggle with their deficiencies of size, others have become "Illuminated"
The ignorance of age can no longer be ignored and a valiant few have opened ancient sealed eyes to a new way of riding, a new understanding, the 29er. Luddites were contrite and baffled, how could they have missed this, the 26er serving so well for so long. Yet there are those among this chosen set of new adapters who have looked still farther, having grasped the mechanisms of failure that plagued the 26er they were quick to see how they applied to the 29er as well. These intrepid souls, what alchemical ingenuity do they posses? What vision of mind and soul, to see through the godly 29er chimera? It is these soothsayers that know the way, they see vast tracts of unfettered trails, deposed of harsh root and rut, nothing but long strait roads of washboard. The gods of the mountain have heard your call and they will answer. When every tight corner has been polished smooth and all inclines hammered flat, then those who have seen the future can rejoice in confidence. They have chosen the victor. Behold


This is a ride not for the faint of heart. A pair of brakes may be necessary to reel in these beasts. A machine who's appetite for the mundane will not be fettered.
Watch in awe as it dwarfs the pride of man and conquers all it surveys
Take heed, once you've succumbed to the wiles of the 36er there is no coming in back

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