Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jesus those kids are flying

Ethan and I decided to try out the new trainer, we figure we can get just as much of a warm up blasting this thing before a cross race as those dudes spinning away on their trainers under an easy up. I say more power to you, keep playing LIVE or the Spearhead on your Ipod, we'll be blasting Airs and NOFX. Speaking of blasting airs, these kids were going for it, nothing like bringing a kicker jump to bring everyone out of the wood work. Three stoners smoked us out, an older guy filled us in on his ruptured achilles, and these kids decided to show us up. If you want to turn the kick ass up on an afternoon here is a list; Overlook Park, kicker jump, bikes, and about 45 minutes. Shit goes down every 15 minutes on the dot. Apparently Crust Punks congregate here at dusk, kind of the eastsides answer to the swifts.



"I love what you do for me" So we put in a little work near the tracks, seriously I don't know what people do with out a Toyota truck. These things are the Swiss Army knives of vehicles.
Verg is impressed.
This man has kids and people trust him with their safety on lives. Mark looking clean cut, clinical, and ten years younger.

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