Monday, November 30, 2009

Having more fun than you

I can safely say that we had more fun than anyone else riding bikes in Portland last Sunday.

We could have overhauled our cross bikes. We could have embrocated our legs. We could have put on $1500 worth of cycling gear and rode to the coffee shop. We could have done intervals. We also could have done laps around Sauvie's Island, but we didn't. What we did do was start drinking at 10:00am, shred the shit out of our bikes, and eat steak at the Acrop while drinking $5 pitchers of Natural Ice and looking at the finest coked-out strippers the Sabbath has to offer.

Some people call it partying, some people call it going to church, some may even call it a bike ride, I call it life.

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complete awesomeness.