Friday, November 27, 2009

What we're thankful for

This time of year it's very important for us to reflect on what Eddy Merkin is thankful for and so I give you this: guns, beers, breakfast at the Acrop, fire, the gyroscopic effect of bicycle wheels, high school girls staying the same age, gravity, torque specs, fortified wine, malt liquor, humor, Portland, mud tires, this blog, black metal, duct tape, PBR, crossbows, the faces of meth campaign, blackouts, brownouts, pinkouts, thumbguns, being cooler than you, boobs, vj's, burritos, stand up jet skis, super swampers, concealed carry laws, partying, cool people that ride bikes (you know who you are), the Yamhill Pub, the Mean Jeans, Emperor. I'm sure I've forgot something, but my beer is empty.

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