Friday, March 12, 2010

Amerkin in Japan

Can you read this fucking Ritz cracker box, Japan definately has some shit on us.
This is in a legit normal Japanese pet store and this is a fucking falcon. This may be the most metal bird that exists. Some falcons can dive at 200miles per hour, do you know how many kilometers per hour that is? If you do move to France Fag. Anyways its metal like a 200mph mid air donkey punch metal and you could buy it.
Sweet rat bike in Tokyo, gas tank says it all.
SWEET SIGN! nuff said
This is what it looks like if you spend 1000 yen to take an elevator to the 60th story of a building in Tokyo to and then realize they're selling beer up there.
For the last day a few of the crew went to a museum to see Sunflowers by Van Gogh (BORING!) Life Coach and I went to the Yebisu beer museum. I of course rocked the PBR t-shirt so they knew they had something to aspire to.
Apparently pervin out on babies is not only tolerated, but advised as this sign proves.
A sweet shot of Cfett doing what he does best. Trumping people in the face.

Another shot of my co-worker Chad aka Cfett aka Life coach drinking on the bullet train. It seemed to us that although drinking on the train was legit no one else was doing it. Apparently drunk in public doesn't translate well.

Well Fucktards thats all for now.


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