Monday, March 15, 2010

Thar she blows

Notice the new header pic, well lets all give Thar a round of applause. Bing Bang Boom, thank you for keeping the spirit alive. Truly going above and beyond to get the message out. Folks if you don't already know Eddy Merkin at the end of the day is about fun. Its about Verg going to Japan just to get drunk and scream "WIN" at young Japanese men dressed in their finest Miyazaki. Its about Darkness, Vapor, Pickett, Crunch, S-H, Rawls, Masterfield, Cheever, Fer, Kate, Cavalier, Agustus, and I can see for Myles and Myles just drinking themselves into the dark recess' of their shaky souls. Eddy Merkin is about Thar throwing up tags and calling out middle class malaise. Its that little bit of fuck you in all of us just itching to get out, We all toast Thar for making the visual possible.


1 comment:

VERG said...

It like my mind threw up its thoughts onto a wall after too much coke black, skittles and sparks. Keep the dream alive.