Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Verg update 5/11

Spent last week in Wisco went on a pretty sweet ride near Stevens Point at a joint called Standing Rocks. Had everything buff trail, rocks, random sandy corners and not too much climbing for uphilling. A Pretty sweet ride overall.

Went to Madison and killed a ride again on Wednesday. Wet, rocky and rooty equals a sweet scratch on my fork stanchions and a few scratches on me as well.

Took this in Iowa. No wonder Eric is awesome. How can you not be getting influenced by this sweet shit as a child.

Sweet hotel trick.. ice+sink= being able to drink 6 packs solo without them getting warm.

Now I'm back in Slo Cow heading for Sac Town Thursday-Sunday for Tour of California. Gonna kick it with friends of Furniss and cause some ruckus.

Oh yeah had some fresh new Eddy Merkin stickers delivered to my desk while I was gone. Apparently 2-3 weeks means 8, seriously I cant think of anything more appropriate than some printer lacking motivation to print Eddy Merkin stickers.

PS My life still sucks less than yours does.

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