Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Verg's weekly update 5/1/10

Just to keep the populace satiated by what is happening with my life I'm going to start doing weekly updates. I guarantee that these will last somewhere between the amount of time it took me to disappoint my first sexual partner and the amount of time it took me to loose my virginity.
Guess which took longer.
4/27 non 3.2% PBR Thumbgun in SLC, UT= fuck you mormans.

4/28 First 32oz can of Highlife I've ever seen consumed in North Platte, Nebraska=still winning.

4/29 For Eric= Iowa sucks less than Nebraska

4/28 Fact: computers lie. I drove at least 10 more miles. To quote Kenny Rogers "you gotta know when to hold 'em know when to fold 'em"=Kenny Rogers is smarter than computers, think about it....

4/29 Went to Ear Wax a sweet metal and punk record in Madison Wisco check it http://www.earwaxwisconsin.com/

5/1-2 Worked a mtb race in Wisco XC mostly a bunch of 29er hardtails= maybe have a mtb race where there is mountians

Well that's it. Hopefully you wasted enough of your bosses money reading this to negatively effect the economy

1 comment:

ira said...

iowa still kicks ass, kenny rogers is a genius and 3.2 beer in slc is shit.

keep the dream alive verg!