Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fat Tire Farm Movie Premier Tonight

Fat Tire Farm is throwing premiering Life Cycles see info below
Hollywood Theater
showtime 7pm
tickets $10 at the door, children 12 & under $2

To commemorate this I would like to throw up some quotes of previous memories of Fat Tire Farm Movies so you will know how much you suck by not going.

"I have been to those premiers before- time travel."
"I saw someone pee in the trash can instead of waiting though the line for the bathroom."
"That night I saw someone pee in the hall in front of the trash can. Then I ate the worm..."
"The first time I witnessed fellatio and fingerbanging in a movie theater was at the last Fat Tire Farm movie premier in the Hollywood Theater a few years ago. So romantic!"
"I heard that a midget peed into the trash can... can this be verified?"
"I too ate the worm about 4 years ago @ clinton street theater. A couple of hours later I ran a gorgeous 1982 Raleigh road race bike straight into a brick wall. Really, really fun night until it quickly wasn't."

Moral of the story it might be so fun you don't remember it. Just to show you what you missed/are missing.