Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A while ago it was brought to my attention that my favorite stripper (I can honestly say I know at least 2 other people, at least 2 of them chicks that are in love with the same lady) was leaving the sunny pacific northwest for the shittier pastures of LA (thanks for the update Conner)I was kinda bummed and then I realized I have the internet so I can look at hot chicks whenever I want. I was still kinda bummed out. Its like when you get a new bike but then you look at your old one and realize that the good memories are done. The point of the story is best summarized with the pictures below.

Exhibit A-Malice
Exhibit B-The Black Market Malice in Purple (the color of royalty, a color which by the way Chris King doesn't even make, isn't it ironic)

In conclusion:

Chris King not making components in purple=