Friday, June 3, 2011

Cuntry Western wednesdays

Well I'm in the south now rolled through South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia (Hotlanta) and Alabama its the first time I've been down here but hopefully not the last. It's a little weird, but a little familiar. I'll explain later for now my feelings can only be expressed in southern flavored cuntry jams.

There is no more appropriate song that I will ever play for Cuntry Wednesday!!!!!!!!

Song Of The South

It's Alabama for fucks sake and I'm in Alabama, try to beat that, and if anyone posts an America song I'll punch you in the dick/vag. I'm an equal opportunity asshole.

PS I don't think they are referring to weed when they say "high cotton" because they follow it with "old time are not forgotten" and we all know that pot effects short term memory.

This next one is just fucking amazing. It's a video of some people much like ourselves that appear to not care 'bout much and even better they took there oppression hating lack of singing skills to Europe and made a mediocre singing edit of there trip (notice how many times beer is involved). I love beer. I probably wouldn't have been born without it.

Best drunkvideo I've seen since this Connor Kellys Classic

On a side note the original reason Cuntry Western Wednesdays exists CDB has something to say.If you don't think this guy is a bad ass then go wash out the sand because you don't have the guts to grow a pearl.

I'm out